Welcome to Sodablast

Soda Blasting and sandblasting is a newer alternative to older more aggressive forms of cleaning of boat hulls, fire damaged building and another delicate surfaces.

Soda blasting can be applied to numerous surfaces. These include glass, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, brick, steel, concrete and natural stone (sandstone, lime, marble) to name a few.

Soda blasting causes very minimal or no damage to the surface. In certain cases we are able to do selective paint layer removal taking only top coats off while leaving the undercoat in tact. We are even able to remove paint from an aluminum soft drink can without damage to the can.

Unlike sandblasting, garnet blasting or bead blasting, Soda blasting creates very minimal or NO heat which ensures the shape and strength of the surface being blasted.

Safe, Effective, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning!